The Health at Work Service – How will it work for you and your business?

The Health and Work Service will dramatically affect how you manage absence and ill health in your workforce and is being phased in from late 2014.  Employee’s GPs will now be referring them to the service after 4 weeks of absence for an occupational health assessment which will provide you with advice on how to [...]

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Stressed or happy – you decide

Once again the world of work and in particular the world of workplace journalism has thrown up a massive contradiction.  HR Review in its article Happiness levels in the workplace have increased  state that according to a recent report from the Government, the general level of satisfaction in the UK’s workplaces has significantly increased despite [...]

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Beyond the fit note – the massive changes about to affect health at work.

Last week saw probably the most important document relating to health at work of the 21st Century so far. And it will be a while before someone tops it.  Fitness for Work: the Government response to “Health at work – an independent review of sickness absence”, sets out the Government’s intention to establish a Health [...]

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Age, health and employment

A couple of HR Review posts last week discussed the ageing workforce and a pair of studies indicating that we are rather dismissive of our older colleagues – although  as someone just shy of a rather big age milestone, I should probably be a bit careful at how I use the term “older worker”. The [...]

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Is occupational health antisocial?

In an interesting article for the BBC, “Will digital addition clinics be big in 2013?”,  Nic Newman gives seven trends to look out for this year.  Newman reports that social media and mobile technology will be at the heart of digital innovation and “today we are some of the most active social networkers in the [...]

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A tip for the Myth Busters.

As someone not directly in the elf ‘n safety business but certainly on the fringes of it, I have been a keen follower of the Health and Safety Executive’s Myth Busters Challenge Panel.  Set up just over a year ago it’s job is to challenge those daft, inappropriate and at times just plain bonkers decisions [...]

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Common health surveillance you should consider

A few weeks ago I published a blog providing an introduction to health surveillance giving the principles that should be followed when identifying risks in the workplace and whether employees should be assessed for health effects.   It is often overlooked by businesses and although I would agree that health surveillance never cured anything, when [...]

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When America sneezes……..

  According to the Medscape article Flu Season Gets an Early Start, CDC says,  the US could be in for a bad year.  At a Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) telebriefing yesterday, CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD, MPH said "we're seeing the earliest start to the flu season since 2003-2004, excluding the [...]

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The six key competencies for career success in the 21st Century – with an occupational health twist

One of the clearest pieces of advice for those heading into the world of work in the next few years or those already there and wondering why they are a bit stuck is provided by Dan Erwin, Performance Improvement Coach and regular blogger on his own site and for the Human Capital League [...]

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Common wellness and health promotion services and initiatives

If you are looking to carry out some health promotion in your workplace?  Here are some of the things you can do.   Posting information on the internet/intranet. Years ago, occupational health departments, charged with a bit of health promotion activity in their business plan spent many hours writing up resources and leaflets for various work and non-work related [...]

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