Occupational Health Strategy Management and Brokerage

Split Dimension Ltd provides a range of cost effective and quality occupational health services to Businesses in the South West and beyond. Services include:

Occupational Health opinion due to ill health or absence

Health surveillance

Pre employment health assessment

Vaccination programmes

Stress risk assessment

Pretty much anything else you require. If we can’t do it, we’ll know someone who can.

Split Dimension also specialise in Health Management Consultancy helping organisations of all sizes in all market sectors review their corporate health and wellbeing requirements.

To find out more please contact Lindsey Hall on 07771 596111.

Occupational Health Advice

The core of any good Occupational Health Service is the ability to provide the right advice promptly to help solve a problem. Split Dimension has the experience to advise on a wide range of OH issues and the knowledge of where to gain information which it doesn’t readily have.

We pride ourselves on the quality and bespoke nature of our reports. Referrals can be received online or by post, fax, email or in person during a site visit. Employees whose health related absence or performance at work is a cause for concern will be assessed by taking a clear history of their physical, mental and social situation, both in and out of work, before providing a report that is tailored to the needs of both employer and employee.

Occupational Health Audit Services

Our audit services are applicable to large and small organisations wishing to review their occupational health and absence management protocols and services. We are keen to work with Health Insurance Intermediaries, Health and Safety, Human Resources and Risk Management Consultants who may be asked about strategic occupational health and absence management solutions and who are happy to work in partnership with other providers of this expertise for the benefit of their clients. This arrangement can be on a subcontract, referral or commission basis.