About us

Hi, nice to meet you.

We’re Split Dimension, an occupational health consultancy based in Bristol and Cheshire.

We started back in 2006 by occupational health advisor Lindsey Hall. Having worked as an occupational health nurse for 20 years across manufacturing, NHS, public sector and for other occupational health providers, Lindsey identified the need for a high-quality occupational health service in the area.

And Split Dimension was born.

Since that date the company has developed a fantastic reputation, delivering impressive workplace health solutions where other providers haven’t been able to. We’ve built up a great client base with some high profile clients. Meet some of them here.

Such was the expansion and continued quality of Split Dimension that in 2022 the company merged with fellow occupational health specialists ‘Smart Clinic’. This has helped to fuel the next phase of growth for the company and continue to improve the service quality for clients.

Together with Smart Clinic, Split Dimension are now able to offer solutions, convenience, quality and cost-efficiency that no other occupational health provider can deliver. Benefits include customised online client areas, real-time case updates, video consultations via our dedicated smartphone app and wellbeing packages for all your staff.

If you want to get started with Split Dimension, register for an account today.